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About me...

Dedicated fitness professional with a lifelong commitment to helping others reach their health and wellness goals.  20+ years of experience in providing training and conditioning , both in group and one on one settings.  ISSA certified and insured.

My experience has spanned from designing and executing physical readiness programs in the US Navy to developing and implementing a health and fitness education program for The First Montessori School of Sandy Springs, GA.

Contact Info:

Steven Komorowski- Owner/ Trainer


Located above The Canvas Patch



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5am-10am and 5pm-8pm Mon-Friday  & all day Sat/Sun

One on One Training

*Cash, Venmo, and Credit Cards Accepted


"Steven does a great job understanding what your personal needs are, and he caters your workout regimen and diet plan to fit your lifestyle.  He will push outside of your comfort zone, but he will also understand your limits.  Steven will follow up with you and check on you throughout the day even if it is not a workout day.  He always motivates and inspires you to do your best, and you will leave a workout feeling that you did."  - J Sparks

"When I began work out with Steven my goal was to run a marathon.  Up until that point, all I did for fitness was run.  I worked out with Steven about 3 times a week and he was very good at recognizing my limits and knowing which ones to push past.  Within 6 weeks, my body had changed, and I was a stronger and faster runner.  I continued to work out with him for a couple of years and run multiple races and 2 half marathons.  Steve is an exemplary trainer and I have gone on to become a trainer as well and tried to model my style after him. " - R Cleland

"I am a former college basketball player but had never experienced better workouts than the ones Steven instructed.  He patiently and quietly offered more guidance to those who wanted it, while continuously motivating the entire class.  I still use much of what he taught me when I was fortunate enough to attend his sessions." - J Heim

"Steven gave me more useful insight into fitness and nutrition in the first month I trained with him than I had ever received in the past.  Very little worked for me until I met him; he changed my life. 

My old gym routine was so obsolete!  By applying the workout techniques outlined by Steven, I was able to drop and redistribute my weight without using any equipment!  He always mixed it up." - T Boyt

"I give Steve and his training guidance the highest recommendation!  When I worked out with Steve, he made the time fly while challenging me in a very positive way.  A great variety of exercises paired with fantastic stories and "foodie talk".  I have never been in better shape- strong and fit with lots of energy.  Working out with a small group of friends, we motivated each other, as well.   If Steven had not relocated I would still be working out with him today!  Take advantage of a great opportunity to have fun while getting / staying fit"  - K. Schoen